Course CodeVIT203
Fee CodeS2
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Learn what to Do when Something Goes Wrong with a Computer

  • A foundation course in Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • Understand the parts of a computer, what can go wrong
  • Know what to do when a computer stops working properly

This is a foundation course. Anyone running a business or working with computer technology will benefit from this course. Having this sort of knowledge can often be the difference between getting back to work fast, or needing to wait for a computer repairman to become available.

This course can also be a starting point for further studies and working in IT Servicing. (Our school offers other IT courses to follow on from this, including Computer Servicing II and III; and up to Diplomas).

Lesson Structure

  1. Establishing a Computer Workshop.
    • Tools
    • Soldering
    • Workshop layout and management, etc.
  2. Computer and workshop safety.
    • Understanding electricity
    • Workshop and Staff Safety
    • Avoiding equipment damage
    • Circuits
    • Measuring electricity
  3. Hardware components.
    • Identifying different hardware components (CPU, Motherboard, Power Supply, Ports, etc)
  4. Systems and Disassembling Equipment
    • Identifying and removing specific parts
    • Distinguishing different types of PC
    • Disassembly procedure.
  5. Peripherals
    • How to assemble peripherals (eg. mouse, printer, modem) for a computer system
  6. System Assembly
    • Procedure for assembly/installation of main components.
  7. Installing Software
    • Installing software
    • Following manuals
  8. Computer Maintenance: An Introduction
    • Preventative and routine maintenance
  9. I.T. Troubleshooting
    • Determining errors
    • Storage device problems
    • Dealing with viruses
    • motherboard batteries
    • Bugs
    • Other common errors and remedies


  • Establish an equipment repair workshop
  • Develop safety guidelines for use of computers
  • Identify various hardware components of a computer system
  • Identify and remove different parts from a computer
  • Differentiate between various types of computers
  • Assemble peripherals for a computer system
  • Assemble a computer system
  • Install software programs, in accordance with manuals
  • Identify maintenance requirements for a Personal Computer
  • Determine common problems, their causes and how to respond

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