Changing a Farm to Organic The decision for a farm to become organic is not an overnight process. Although it can be started at any time, organic farming requires much planning and forethought. Changeover to an organic business tends to be a transitional process that takes into consideration the state of the farm in its present condition and its suitability to organic farming methods. There are costs involved in changing over, but there can also be cost benefits....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Characteristics of Hereford Cattle Herefords are an ancient breed, developed in England’s Herefordshire. Originally large framed cattle used for draught work, some Herefords were said to weigh over 3000 lbs. Around the 1800s they were crossed with cattle from Flanders to produce the modern Hereford appearance we see today.  Use: High quality meat production. Characteristics: Herefords have white faces, bellies, legs and switch. They have a red back and sometimes red markings around their eyes. Herefords can sometimes be more susceptible to sunburn and cancer eye (ocular squamous cell carcinoma) more than other breeds. Cancer eye is more common in cattle which have unpigmented skin around their eyes. Some breeders will try to selectively breed animals with red markings around their eyes t...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
How to Grow Wheat Wheat is a cereal (grass crop) that has many uses. There are different types of wheat for different purposes.  Some wheat is ground into flour to make bread; this type of wheat (called prime hard wheat) has to have a high gluten content to provide the dough with elasticity and strength to stretch and rise during the proving stage of bread making. Biscuit wheat is generally lower in protein and is usually more crumbly in texture when cooked and are also called soft wheat.  They don’t require as much moisture to make dough and spread sideways during the cooking process making them ideal for biscuits.  Biscuit wheat are at times difficult to grow as all farmers would like high yields but to achieve a high yield with low protein requires careful nitroge...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
How to Sow Seed and Establish a Pasture Rolling may be necessary before and after sowing the seed. The final land surface should be made level in case the crop is harvested for hay from time to time. The plant furrow should be shallow. If it is deep, the rut quickly becomes filled with wind-blown soil which buries the grass seed too deeply for germination....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Maintaining Trickle Irrigation If trickle irrigation systems are to continue to operate properly without serious blockage of the fine water outlets, some periodic maintenance is necessary. Generally this maintenance consists of cleaning filters, flushing the system, and chlorination of the system....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Producing Eggs
Routine Health Care for Goats Apart from fencing, feeding and watering; there are a range of other routine things you need to do when keeping goats; whether a single animal right through to large herds. Here are some of those tasks. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more