How to Enrol

Option 1: Enrol Online


Browse through our courses and find the course that best suits your interests. On the course details page, select your payment plan.



Click the "Enrol Now" button to add the course to your Shopping Cart.



Click "Proceed", then enter your enrolment details.



Pay securely online by Credit Card using PayPal Secure Online payments. Alternatively you can pay by Bank TransferMoney Order or Cheque.




Option 2: Enrol Offline


Find which course you want to study, either by browsing our courses online or by ordering a free handbook. Note the Fee Code of the course (e.g. S1, S2) – this is listed in the Enrol Now box at the top right of the page.



Consult the Fee Schedule to find the prices for your course, and decide on a payment plan.



Print and fill out the Australian Enrolment Form or if you are Overseas the Overseas Student Enrolment Form



Send the completed enrolment form to us at:
PO Box 2092
Nerang  QLD 4211

Email to [email protected]



Payment options
Credit card: fill in your credit card details on the enrolment form
Cheque: post your cheque along with your enrolment form
Bank transfer: scan or print your deposit confirmation and send it in with your enrolment form.



Your course will be posted to you within 7-28 days of payment, or if you are studying online, your login details will be e-mailed to you by the next business day once payment has been accepted.


You can also enrol over the phone. Call us on +61 7 5562 1088 during business hours.


Enrolments by a Third Party


(e.g. Employer, Sponsor, Employment Service, etc.)



We accept purchase orders provided they are from bona fide organisations with a credit rating.



We will (on request) provide an invoice in advance of enrolment if required



We are happy to co-operate with any procedures necessary, provided we are dealing with a credible organisation and some formal documentation can be provided to indicate contractual obligations of both parties will be followed.



Understanding Payment Plans


Short Courses (duration approximately 100 hrs)
Fee Codes: S1, S2, S3, S4


Can be paid either in one or two parts. If paying in 2 parts, the first part is paid on enrolment, and the second part two months later. You are sent an invoice for the second part when you enrol. If you pay the full fee on enrolment, we offer a discounted fee.


Certificates (duration approximately 600 - 700 hrs)
Fee Code: CT


Certificates can be paid in full, in 2 parts, or in 4 parts. If you pay in full or in 2 parts the fees are discounted.


If you pay in 2 parts, the first half of the course is supplied when you enrol. Once you have completed the first half of the course, the second part payment is made and the second half of the course is supplied.


If you pay in 4 parts, the first half is supplied on enrolment and you sent an invoice for the second payment, which is due 60 days after enrolment. When you have completed the first half of the course, the third payment is made and you are sent the second half of the course. The final payment is due 60 days after the second half of the course is sent.


Longer Learning Bundles
Fee Codes: AC, AS, PA, DI, AD


Payment plans follow similar principles to the certificates, where you are in essence only paying for that part of the course you are currently studying. Payments for subsequent parts are incurred when you choose to start those parts.


Please see the Fee Schedule for further details.

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