Farming Courses


    Learn to grow and manage different types of agronomic crops. Understand the importance of soil and plant nutrition, the various pests and diseases which affect various crops.

    Agronomy II (Cereals and grains)

    Agronomy Online course - focused on cereals, pulses and pseudo grains. Understand the different soil and climatic requirements of a variety of important crops.


    Study Aquaculture through this online course. Learn how to produce fresh water fish and crayfish commercially. Understand what is required to manage an aquaculture farm.


    Learn different ways to manage change in agriculture -alternative farming. This online course covers more, and gives more skills and ideas than shorter courses, increasing farm sustainability.


    Learn goat husbandry with this online course. Keep one or many goats, for dairy, meat or fibre production commercially, to graze weeds, or as a family pet


    Change to organic agriculture, improve an existing farm, start a farm or work in farm supplies and services. Learn about sustainable farming.

    Pasture Management

    Distance education course teaching how to manage an choose suitable species to improve pastures. Learn how to establish new pastures and manage stock.

    Pig Husbandry

    Understand pig husbandry with this online course. Learn about the different breeds, the animals dietary requirements, breeding, diseases, and managing a piggery large or small.


    Learn about various domestic breeds and husbandry. Learn how to raise chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. A great online course for beginners or for those looking at starting a commercial venture.

    Sheep Husbandry

    Learn about sheep husbandry with this distance education course. Understand the animals nutritional requirements, the various breeds, and how to manage them commercially.


    Online course. Learn better farming practices to conserve land, use water wisely, improve efficiency, reduce financial and other risks. Explore options for more sustainable agriculture.