Getting Parks Jobs Starting a Career in Parks and Gardens sometimes begins with a college or university course; but just as often, it starts with some work experience -perhaps as a volunteer, or perhaps as an assistant gardener. There are plenty of people who have certificates and cannot get work. The answer is not so much to get a certificate; but to give employers a reason to separate you out from the crowd. You need is to distinguish yourself from all the others with different knowledge and skills....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
HORTICULTURAL MANAGEMENT Horticulturists often complain that they don't get paid enough (compared with other professions). There are various reasons for this....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Horticulture Certificate Options What Should a First Certificate Contain...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
START A GARDEN BUSINESS To succeed in a garden business you need to avoid the pitfalls that cause most businesses to fail; and it really isn't all that difficult to do this, provided to take time to plan and execute a sensible approach when starting out....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Starting a Landscape Business Employing a landscaper was once an expensive luxury; but today that has all changed. The value of using a landscape professional is much more recognised. People understand that you not only get a better job, but can also save time and money to have at least the more challenging parts of your garden designed and built by someone who has the knowledge and skill to do a proper job. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
What is changing in Horticulture As with any industry, horticulture is constantly changing and upgrading itself. New plants, products, equipment and machinery are appearing in our nurseries and garden supply stores. Here we look at the possible impact of technology on gardening in the near future....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more