Attracting Birds to Gardens The sounds and movements of birds really bring a garden to life. Their search for food, their mating behaviour, their squabbles over territory, or nest building can provide many enjoyable hours for the keen observer. With careful selection of plant varieties, and their placement within your garden, you can have a major impact on the numbers and types of birds that will visit and take up residence in your garden....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Avoiding Sun Damage Bright sunlight and long days make summer a real pleasure; but not everything about the sun is good. Some people will tell you that you need sun exposure for vitamin D production; but research shows that most of our vitamin D needs come from food we eat. Some sun exposure is useful; but perhaps minutes each day rather than hours may be the safer option!...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Environmental Benefits of Green Walls  ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Environmental Problems for Plants Heat, cold, wind, rain, frost, shade, pollution and other environmental problems can have disastrous effects on plants. Plant varieties vary in their tolerance of these conditions, for example the heat which might kill one plant may simply slow the growth of another....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Grasslands Management for Environmental Improvement Until recent times, there was not a great deal of interest in native grasslands. However it is now recognised that grasslands, like all other types of ecosystems, are important resources in the landscape....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Planning Land Rehabilitation There are a number of common sense strategies that should be adopted during the planning stage that will enhance the likelihood of a successful rehabilitation project....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Protecting Plants against Bad Environments Environmental conditions can vary considerably even from one part of a property to another. You must choose the appropriate plants for the conditions you can offer it; or alter the conditions offered to suit the plants you grow. Plants are normally most sensitive to environmental problems when they are young, so it is important to:...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Soil Structure Problems Soils are naturally a series of layers. The top layer or top soil will naturally have higher levels of organic matter. It is high in nutrients, and it absorbs and holds water when it rains, because the organic matter acts like a sponge. When soil is plowed though, the top layer is mixed with lower layers; and that changes this natural structure. Tillage isn't the only reason why soil might degrade, but it is significant. When soil degrades, no matter what the reason; there can be unwanted consequences. Among other things their may be a reduction in the ability to absorb water; resulting in increased runoff which can cause erosion. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Trees are Valuable | Benefits from Growing Trees The average lifespan of a tree is 100-200 years. Some may live live less, but many can survive considerably longer (even thousands of years). ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
What is Climate Change? Factors that cause Climate Change can include:...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
What is Solar Radiation As the solar radiation passes through the atmosphere, part of it is absorbed by the atmospheric gases, such as the ozone, water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2). Another part of it is reflected back into the universe by the clouds. Some of the heat is dispersed in many directions by the reflection caused by tiny particles present in the air (e.g. gas molecules in the atmosphere, dust, etc). ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more