Aquaponics for Viable Urban Farming Aquaponics is a great way of farming in urban areas; either for self sufficiency; or even on a commercial scale. You don’t have to wait to have land to start a farm - start a farm in the city! ACS has a course that allows you to learn to grow a crop of fruit or vegetables together with fish all in the one system. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Media Release -Attitude to Education Requires Change One would be forgiven for predicting that industry is facing inevitable oblivion except for two inescapable facts: 1. We all have to eat, and without local horticulture and agriculture industries, food costs increase, and quality decreases. 2. Horticulture and Agriculture are unavoidably linked to environmental quality; and without a quality environment everyone suffers!...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Media Release -Grow Plants Organically Demand for ‘organically grown’ chemical-free produce is increasing rapidly. Supporters of the organic movement, now considered main-stream, were as recently as a decade ago often considered to be hippies and crack-pots. Today more and more people are demanding ‘organic’ produce and supermarkets are steadily increasing the stock on their shelves. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Media Release -Land Rehabilitation with trees Today the issue of global warming is constantly in the news. As individuals, the question we often ask ourselves is ‘what can we do to help’?  Trees are the lungs of the earth, they turn carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (much of which is caused through pollution) into pure oxygen. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Media Release -Learn About Permaculture Permaculture Systems: an answer to the world’s food, energy, technology and environmental problems?  Permaculture is a system of agriculture based on perennial, and self perpetuating, multi-use plants and animal species which are useful to man.  It stresses both a positive approach and an attitude of cooperation, to the environment and all living things....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Melbourne Garden Show 2019 March may mark the start of autumn, but at the Royal Exhibition Building activity is blossoming with the return of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) Presented by Lawn Solutions Australia, March 27 – 31, 2019. Now in its 24th year, the largest (and most beloved) horticultural event in the Southern Hemisphere is predicted to attract over 100,000 visitors from across the nation and overseas. The annual convergence of the most talented landscape designers, progressive florists, emerging design talent, DIY specialists, well over 200 exhibitors and thousands of flowers provides evergreen inspiration for the year to come....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Ross Garden Tours Graham & Sandra Ross and his family have been leading Sydney gardening personalities for more than 25 years. Their radio and TV shows are some of the highest rating programs in the country....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more