Basil Approximately 150 species and many cultivars, small tender shrubs, herbs and annuals, some are more woody and persistent than others....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Chamomile Chamomile plants are members of the daisy family (Asteraceae or Compositae), and include both members of the genera Anthemis and Matricaria. All are relatively hardy, low growing plants. They can be mat forming or small upright plants. Annuals or perennials. Growth can be rapid during their growing season....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Eucalyptus Oil Eucalypts (Eucalyptus or Corymbia sp.) are mostly trees, from Australia. There are over 800 species, and all contain a pungent oil, with antiseptic properties. Most are very hardy and adaptable; growing rapidly once they establish their roots after planting. The fine characteristics of the oils can vary greatly though from species to species; making some better suited to some purposes than others....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Fennel Fennel grows on wastelands, beside railway lines and on roadsides. It tolerates dry conditions and heavy soils, growing to 2m tall....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Fixing Fragrance in Scented Products The beautiful scent found with many herbs is easily lost. Dried herbs or oils can loose the scent very quickly; but there are ways of holding it....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Garlic Garlic is a hardy clump forming plant growing to 70cm high. It dies back to the bulbs in cold weather, then regrows in the warmer months. It prefers a rich, moist, fertile, sandy soil, moist but not excessively wet. It is also important to keep the soil weed free....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Growing Origanum species -Marjorams and Oreganos The genus Origanum is known both as marjoram and oregano. It includes around 20 species and belongs to the same plant family as mint, thyme and rosemary. All of these plants have oil glands in the leaves. Plants in this family include many different common and less common herbs....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Growing Rosemary Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a very popular herb. A woody shrub to 1.2 m, with grey-green needle-like foliage, with small pale-blue flowers....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
HERB Growing There are thousands of different herbs grown for culinary, medicinal, aromatic or other practical purposes. Growing and using herbs is a passion for some and a job for others. This school has been publishing articles, books, videos, and teaching courses on herbs for over 30 years. Across this and our other web sites you can discover a wealth of unique information and advice. If your interests go beyond that, you can purchase books through our bookshop that have been reviewed by experts and have confirmed accuracy of information; or you may even go one step further to take a course with us on herbs....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
How to Grow Mint Mints (Mentha spp.) are relatively hardy small herbaceous plants, in numerous varieties and species ranging from around 40cm up to 90 cm in height. Foliage is generally light green to dark green to purplish green. Variegated forms are also known. ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Lavender LAVENDER Lavender has been a popular cultivated plant for many centuries and is perhaps the most common, and certainly one of the most versatile herbs you could ever consider growing. It can be grown as a shrub, a tub plant or a hedge; you can keep it cut low or let it grow to over a metre tall, depending on the species. The flowers and leaves can be used for medicinal, craft, cosmetic and even culinary purposes....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Parsley Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) belongs to the same family as carrots and celery (Apiaceae or Umbelliferae). There are three species, one of which P. crispum is grown widely as a herb. Parsley is a native to Europe and Western Asia. It is a hardy fast growing annual or biennial clump forming plant....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Salvia or Sage Most Sages are easy-care plants, requiring little more than a sunny spot, well-drained soil and cutting back to shape after flowering. They are related to the mint family but, unlike mints, do not grow well in moist soil....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Scented Plants CREATE A SCENTED GARDEN ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Starting with Herbs Herbs have it all: choose the right ones and your garden can look stunning, will be relatively easy to maintain, and will provide lots of useful things that you can harvest and use in your cooking and crafts....(Excerpt from page) Click to read more
Thyme or Thumus Thyme (Thymus sp.) include around 400 species and many more cultivars. Most are woody plants growing as either creepers or low shrubs. They come from a variety of climates, but mainly Europe and Western Asia, and are generally very hardy once established ...(Excerpt from page) Click to read more