Alpinia (Ginger)

Genus Alpinia
Family Zingiberaceae
Common Name    Gingers
Fleshy pseudostems arising from underground rhizomes. Pseudostems display alternating leaf blades. Small flowers are borne in clusters of bracts either close at ground level or at the tips of pseudostems.
Apply plenty of peat of compost to the site. Additional fertiliser beneficial. Provide protection from wind and full sun in early stages. Select a protected moist site and humidity. In low humidity areas, select a dappled light site and water the foliage. Avoid frosts. Propagate by division of rhizomes
Keep moist to encourage vigorous growth and long flowering period, Responds well to mulching, Few pests (occasionally grasshoppers) and diseases


A. purpuata (Red Ginger) - To 2-5m tall, 30cm long red flower spike, best in the true tropics.

A. sanderae (Variegated Ginger) - To 45cm tall, white and green leaves.

A. zerumbet (Shell Ginger) - To 4m tall, white and yellow terminal, weeping flower clusters.

A. zerumbet 'Variegata' - Tough glossy yellow and green leaves.

Alpinia Singapore Gold
Alpinia purpurata
Alpinia zurumbet
Alpinia zurumbet variegata

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