Genus: Cestrum Family: Solanaceae Appearance: Shrubs with light green foliage plants usually with terminal clusters of flowers. Flowers: In terminal clusters of a long flowering period in spring and summer. Features: Scent. Good background landscaping plant.

Requirements: Prefers moist fertile soils. Tolerates tropics to warm temperate climates. Does not like strong sea breezes.

Culture: Easily propagated by seed and cuttings. Prune severely down to 1m after flowering time to encourage vigorous new growth.

Pest & Disease: Mealy bugs, aphids, thrips - use Malathion; Scale - use white oil; Spider mites - use wettable sulphur or miticide.

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 150 species, including:

C. aurantiacum -To 6m with orange-yellow flowers. The cultivar 'Album' has white flowers.

C. diurnum (Jessamine) -Small tree to 5m or more, oblong or elliptic leaves 12cm long, and greenish white to yellow flowers in short clusters that are fragrant during the day.

C. nocturnum (Night scented jasmine/Queen of the night) -Shrub to 3m with lime green flowers which are heavily scented at night.

C. purpureum (syn. C. elegans) -To 3m with nodding red to purple clusters of flowers.

C. parqui (willow leaf Jessamine) -To 3m arching shrub with scented yellow flower.

C. fasciculatum -Spring flowering with red clusters.

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