Codiaeum, Croton

Genus: Codiaeum
Common Name: Croton
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Appearance: Shrubs with highly coloured plants with upright woody stems.
Flowers: Insignificant flowers borne in summer.
Features: Coloured foliage, good for hedging. Slow growing.
Requirements: Moist fertile soil required. Prefers full sun and warm climates. Tolerates light sea breezes. Will not tolerate drought.

Culture: Propagation by seed and cuttings

Pest & Disease: scale, thrips, mealy bugs - use white oil or malathion; Spider mites - use wettable sulphur or miticide.

Species & Varieties:

6 species. Most cultivated plants are from the species C. variegatum

C. aucubaefolium -Foliage bright green with yellow blotches, from Polynesia.

C. bogoriense -Foliage with yellow variegation on green leaves, from Java.

C. spirale -Twisted leaves with red, yellow and green markings, from Malaysia.

C. variegatum -Variable species in terms of colour and leaf shapes. Highly sought after in the horticultural industry.

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