Agapanthus Growing

Agapanthus belong to the family Amaryllidaceae. They have green strap-like leaves, heads of white or blue flowers on stalks above foliage. Old forms display flowers 1m above plant. New forms available as dwarfs. Agapanthus are hardy and drtought tolerant once established; being widely cultivated around the world from temerate to tropical areas.


Add compost into soil to encourage vigorous growth, does well in full sun to medium shade. Propagate by division



Tolerates some drought but responds to water during dry periods, fertilise twice annually, once in spring and once in autumn, attracts snails & slugs, few serious problems.

Keep tidy by cutting off old flower spikes.



A. africanus - Strap-like leaves 2cm wide, blue flowers in clusters up to 30.

A. orientalis - Strap-leaves 5cm wide, flowers in clusters up to 110, usually on 60cm long stalks.

A. 'Tinkerbell' - dwarf, variegated form.

A. africanus minor 'Peter Pan' - dwarf form with pale blue flowers on 50cm long stalks.

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