Iresine -How to grow Iresine

This genus Iresine includes around 70 low to medium shrubs and herbs with generally small or insignificant flowers.  The common name is Blood leaf. It belongs to the family Amaranthaceae.
Features: Grown for their ornamental foliage. Commonly used indoors or as bedding plants.

Requirements: Prefer fertile, moist, but well drained soils, particularly in well limed, sandy soils. Full sun brings out more vivid foliage colour. Can stand some wind exposure.

Culture: Very hardy. Water and fertilise well in active growth stages. Keep in a warm, protected position. Tip prune to keep bushy. Propagates easily from cuttings.

Pest & Disease: Scale can be a problem.

Species & Varieties:

I. Herbstii (Beef Plant) -To about 1m, generally less; large oval shaped leaves coloured purple, red or green. The cultivar 'Aureo-reticulata' has greenish leaves with yellow veins.

I. Lindenii -Deep blood-red narrow pointed leaves.




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