Justacia, Shrimp Plant

The genus Justicia includes approximately 300 species from the family Acanthaceae.
Common Name: Shrimp plants
Appearance: Herb-like small shrubs.
Flowers: Small attractive tubular flowers enclosed in colourful overlapping bracts. Differs only slightly from Pachystachys in that staemens are located at the base of the corolla tube.
Features: Good for hedging and mass display.
Requirements: Keep soil fertile and moist. A neutral pH is preferred. Tropical to warm temperate conditions. Full sun to part shade.

Culture: Prune to encourage dense habit and to remove spent flowers. Fertilise and water regularly.

Pest & Disease: Scale, mealy bug, leaf eating insects, aphids. Use systemic chemicals for sap sucking insects, and contact insecticides for most other insects.

Species & Varieties:

J. adhatoda (syn. Adhatoda vasica) -An evergreen shrub to 3m tall with white flower with purple markings borne in green bracts.

J. betonica -Tall flower spikes of light green with lilac flowers above a small shrub-like plant. Short lived.

J. brandegeana (syn. Beloperone guttata, Drejella guttata) (Shrimp plant) -Small shrub with highly attractive coloured drooping bracts (yellow or bronze) and small tubular flowers.

J. carnea (syn. Jacobinia carnea) (Brazilian Plume) -Evergreen shrub to 2m in the tropics, somewhat deciduous in subtropics. Large terminal flower clusters in pink or white.

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