Genus: Mackinlaya
Family: Araliaceae
Appearance: Medium shrub with large palmate leaves with striking berries.
Flowers: Clusters of small green or purple ball flowers develop into dense clusters of blue pea-sized berries.
Features: Foliage and berries.
Requirements: soil needs to be moist but well drained. Provide filtered light and protection for winds and frosts.

Culture: Mulch well. Water and fertilise regularly. Prune to increase bushiness.

Pest & Disease: Grasshoppers tend to be the main problems - but generally pest free.

Species & Varieties:

M. confusa -A shrub to 2m tall with serrated edged leaves. Purple flowers and bluish-grey fruit.

M. marcosciadia -An attractive Australian rainforest shrub with attractive foliage and bluish-grey berries.



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