Media Release -Land Rehabilitation with trees

Today the issue of global warming is constantly in the news. As individuals, the question we often ask ourselves is ‘what can we do to help’?  Trees are the lungs of the earth, they turn carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (much of which is caused through pollution) into pure oxygen.

The forests of the world help to keep the planet cool; the immense volume of leaves in a forest help to make rain through evaporation off their surface. This in turn helps to prevent global warming.

Trees also help to prevent floods, to stabilize ground-water and river-banks and discourage soil erosion. In fact they actually increase soil volume through the decay of leaves and branches.  Some tree species are also used to extract contaminants from polluted areas.

Deforestation has removed a vast amount of the earth’s forests and this is where we as individuals can help. Many of the world’s problems have come about through ignorance rather then malice, therefore to prevent further damage and before we can truly make an effective contribution, we need to acquire knowledge.

An excellent place to start is to enrol in a course such as the ‘Trees for Rehabilitation’ course offered through ACS Distance Education. Established 27 years ago, ACS is a well respected, independent, ethical provider of online and distance education - with an international profile and course recognition.

This course is aimed at those who want to make a positive contribution in repairing some of the damage, we as human beings, have created. Ten lessons cover the fundamentals of using trees in land rehabilitation including; the ecology of soils, plant propagation and plant health; how to deal with chemical contamination, hostile environments and assess degraded sites; how to instigate plant establishment and plant care programs; how plants physically affect degraded soils and how to rehabilitate degraded sites. 

The course uses a down to earth, stimulating approach, and includes experiential and problem based learning. Guidance is offered throughout by experienced, dedicated tutors and administration staff.  A must for anyone, amateur or professional, interested in working in this field.
To view an outline of this exciting and interesting course go to or call them for course details: in Australia - 07 5562 1088 or international - +61 7 5562 1088.

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