How to Grow Star Fruit

Averrhoa or Carambola is a tropical, evergreen tree. That may be semi-deciduous or even deciduous in cooler districts. Known as the Five Corner Fruit or Star Fruit, the Carambola is a tree 5‑10m tall which produces an odd star shaped fruit mainly over winter. They are suitable to tropical or sub-tropical, humid, frost free areas, in most reasonably drained soils. They are grown principally for its unusual, tasty fruit, and can be grown in a large tub, keeping them much more compact.


Trees are best planted in the cooler months. They adapt to most soils but will not tolerate drought or exposure to salinity. They withstand some wind and dry periods but are extremely frost sensitive. Seedling plants take more than 5 years to produce fruit, but grafted trees fruit after 2‑3 years. The fruits need sprays to control pests such as fruit fly, bats, and fruit-spotting bugs.



A. bilimbi (Bilimbi) Small tree with pickle-like fruits. Not grown for edible quality fruit.


A. carambola (Star fruit) Semi-spreading to weeping small tree. Small insignificant flowers borne on upper parts of the branches. The fruit produced is both ornamental and edible.


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