The genus Holmskioldia includes shrubs with spiny, arching branches with flowers either terminal or along branches, from the family Verbenaceae.
Appearance: Flowers: Tubular, resembling a Chinese coolie's hat, generally in spring and autumn.
Features: Well shaped garden plant with attractive flowers (large ornamental calyx).
Requirements: Prefers a moist, fertile soil, but is very adaptable. Prefers tropical or tropical climates.
Sensitive to frosts. Does well in sun and part shade.

Culture: Water, feed and prune regularly to ensure good shape and flowering.

Pest & Disease: Fairly pest free.

Species & Varieties:

About 10 species, but only one species commonly cultivated:

H. sanguinea (Chinese hat plant) -An upright, soft wooded, straggly shrub to 10m, but generally less, with red brick, orange or yellow flowers. Briefly deciduous.

H. tettensis -An open shrub with pink and violet flowers.

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