Nandina, Sacred Bamboo

Genus: Nandina
Common Name: Sacred Bamboo
Family: Berberidaceae
Appearance: Bamboo-like appearance with many upright, slender, closely packed stems, with attractive foliage (bronze).
Flowers: Small insignificant, white flowers in long panicles.
Features: Attractive bronze-red foliage. Better colour is achieved in cooler areas.
Used as a screen plant or shade plant in warmer areas. Attractive berries. Good tub plant, particularly the dwarf form.

Requirements: Prefers, fertile, moist conditions, but is adaptable. Frost tolerant, can withstand exposure, full sun or partial shade.

Culture: Responds well to feeding, and extra moisture in active growing seasons. Propagate from seed, cuttings or layers. Hard to transplant.

Pest & Disease: Few, occasionally scale.

Species & Varieties:

One species, N. domestica -To 3m tall, flowers white, berries bright red. the variety 'Alba' has white berries. The variety 'Pygmaea' (Nana) reaches about 0.6m, and has broader leaves that are dark red in autumn.


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