Genus: Barleria
Common Name: Philippine violet
Family: Acanthaceae
Appearance: -Small shrubs & herbs. Dark green leaves on sprawling shrub.
Flowers: Blue or white, spot flowering for most of the year.
Features: Attractive small hedging plant with spot flowers.

Requirements: Very adaptable to different soils. Very tolerant of shade and sun and will handle some dry conditions. Does well in areas of heavy rainfall. Does not like salt conditions.

Culture: Very adaptable, water regularly, prune frequently to thicken plants, fertilise every 3 months.

Pest & Disease: Grasshoppers, thrip.

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 230 species, including:

B. cristata -Fast growing evergreen shrub to 2.5m, with hairy leaves and attractive small blue flowers, regular pruning is important.

B. flava -To 0.6m tall, yellow flowers.

B. cristata var. dichotoma -Known as 'violeta', used in temples in India.

B. lupulina (Hop-headed Barleria) -Spiny shrub with peach-yellow flowers.

B. prionitis -Spiny shrub with apricot-yellow flowers.

B. strigosa -To 1m tall, blue flowers, large leaves up to 12cm long

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