Genus: Euodia
Common Name: Evodia
Family: Rutaceae
Appearance: Shrubs and trees, erect plants, deciduous or evergreen.
Flowers: Large heads of small flowers.
Features: Attractive to nectar feeding birds and animals, many have herbal or other uses (eg. for medicines, cosmetics, timber, ingredient in varnish etc).

Requirements: Moist & fertile, but well drained soils are preferred. Most are from tropical rainforests, can be frost tender.

Culture: Most grow well in light shade, some hardy to cold, most are tropical, propagate by seed or cuttings (semi hardwood or root).

Pest & Disease: Scale - use white oil. Grasshoppers - use Carbaryl. Leaf minors can be a problem if plant is under stress.

Species & Varieties:

Over 50 species including:

E. Daniellii -Very hardy, pollution tolerant, small tree or large shrub to 5m tall, attractive red fruit.

E. hortensis (Melicope hortensis) (Lacy Lady) -Medium shrub to 3m with pendulant lime-green leaves, small insignificant flowers.

E. trichotoma -Sometimes used to control vermin.

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