Genus: Ardisia
Common Name : Coral Berry
Family: Myrsinaceae Appearance: Mostly evergreen shrubs or trees with leathery, dark green and glossy leaves. Flowers: Small either white or pink to rose coloured. Features: Decorative plants due to their attractive berries. Requirements: Prefers moist cool soil, but will handle drier conditions if provided with shade. Provide part shade or full sun. Culture: Apply general fertiliser four times a year. Foliar fertiliser application is beneficial for growth. Pruning will encourage bushier habit. Mulch to keep roots cool and moist. Most propagates easily by seed or cuttings.

Pest & Disease: Mealy bug, scale

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 250 species, including:

A. bakeri -Native to Qld & NSW, grows to 8m tall, white flowers with purplish markings, hardy if roots kept cool and moist, leaves green on top & pale underneath

A. bifaria -Native to Qld, grows 1-1.5m tall, juvenile foliage pink, white flowers, attractive red berries.

A. crenata (syn. A. crispa) (Coral Berry, Money Plant, Hilo Holly) -Small shrub to 1.6m. Small white flowers followed by brilliant scarlet red or white berries held on the plant for some time over winter. Distinctive undulating leaf margins. Full sun will cause leaves to go yellow.

A. solanacea (syn. A. humilis) (Duck's Eye, Shoe button) -Tall shrub to 4m. Small star-like pink flowers borne throughout the year bear black berries. New leaves are slightly pink toned and mature to glossy green smooth leaves. Will tolerate hot humid and hot dry climates, full sun and part sun.

A. quadalupensis -Pendulent small pink flowers borne on small shrub.

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