Genus: Caesalpinia Common Name: Dwarf Poinciana Family: Caesalpinaceae Appearance: Small to large lanky shrubs partially deciduous plants. Foliage is pinnate. Flowers: Highly attractive, orange or yellow tones borne in clusters over long periods, which are followed by brown or black pods. Features: Grown as a specimen plant or informal hedge. Requirements: Adapted to most well drained soil types. Tropical to warm temperate is tolerated by most species. Not for sea coast planting.

Culture: Full sun to semi-shade, pruning essential to keep well foliaged. Plants may defoliate in dry conditions. Keep watered and fertilised to improve foliage and flowers.

Pest & Disease: Prone to a few grubs and beetles - use Carbaryl or malathion.

Species & Varieties:

About 70 or more species, including:

C. pulcherrima (Dwarf Poinciana/Pride of Barbados/Peacock Flower) -To 3.5m, fern like (pinnate) foliage, branches can contain prickles, best in full sun, drought & salt tolerant, different cultivars may have red, orange or yellow flowers. Pure yellow variety is available.

C. gilliesii (Bird of Paradise) -To 2m with soft fern like leaves at the tips of upright canes, and terminal spikes of red and yellow flowers. Difficult to transplant, and may be short-lived.

C. japonica -Red and yellow flowers.

C. Conzattii -A small tree with red flowers marked with yellow.

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