Genus: Calliandra
Common Name: Powder Puff
Family: Mimosaceae
Appearance: Woody ground covers, shrubs & trees usually slow in growth. Pinnate deep green leaves and showy puffy flowers borne at the ends of branches.
Flowers: Bright red or white pom-pom like flowers throughout the year.
Features: Attracts some species of birds. Attractive informal hedging plant.
Requirements: Very adaptable to dry and moist soils. Well watered, well drained and well fertilised soils preferred. Not tolerant of sea breezes. Full sun or partial shade.

Culture: Tolerates full sun and part shade. Regular fertilisers beneficial. Pruning will control shape of plant. Propagate by seed and cuttings. Hard to transplant.

Pest & Disease: Relatively pest free.

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 150 species, including:

C. emarginata -To 2m with attractive trunk and horizontal branches. Deep red flower clusters.

C. haematocephala (syn. C. inaequilatera) -Spreading shrub to 5m with red flowers for many weeks that are very attractive to nectar eating birds. Can be cut back after flowering to keep it compact.

C. Tweedi -Spreading 2m tall shrub with red flowers. Ground cover form available.

C. portoricensis -Tall shrub with white flowers perfumed as they open.

C. surinamensis -Spreading shrub with white and pink flowers.

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