Genus: Cuphea
Common Name: Cigar Flower
Family: Lythraceae
Appearance: Small shrubs with small foliage and small but attractive flowers.
Flowers: Red, white or mauve flowers, usually tubular, over many months.
Features: Good for small hedges and pot specimens.

Requirements: Moist, rich friable soil. Tropical to warm temperate. Grows best in full sun. Does not like salt wind.

Culture: Apply fertiliser every 3 months, prune to maintain shape, keep well watered. Propagate by cuttings or seeds.

Pest & Disease: Scale and sooty mould can be controlled by white oil or heavily pruned to remove damaged plant material. New growth should grow back healthy.

Species & Varieties:

Approx. 250 species, including:

C. hyssopifolia -To 0.6m with small leaves and coloured flowers throughout the year. Dwarf cultivars are available.

C. ignea (Cigar bush) -To 1m with tubular bright orange-red flowers throughout the year. Very fast growing but not long lived.

C. x purpurea -To 0.5m with mauve-violet flowers.

C. micropetala -To 0.5m with tubular red and yellow flowers.

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