The genus Jatropha include around 125 species from the Euphorbiaceae family. These are  herbs, shrubs and trees; leaking a milky or watery sap when the stem is damaged.
Flowers: Attractive flowers borne conspicuously on the plants.
Requirements: tolerates drier conditions, but does best in fertile soils. Full sun is best.
Culture: Plants tend to thrive with minimum attention. Additional care will improve growth.

Pest & Disease: Relatively pest free.

Species & Varieties:

J. integerrima (J. hastata, Adenoropium hastatum, A. integerrimum) -An evergreen shrub to 3m with clusters of bright red flowers year round. Poisonous seeds are ejected from the seed capsule.

J. multifida (Coral plant/Physic nut) -A large shrub to 5m (usually 2-3m) with deeply lobed leaves and red flowers.

J. pandurifolia -A medium sized shrub (1m) which does best if pruned. Pink and red flower forms available. Leaves are usually simple in shape.

J. podagrica (Tartogo) - A small plant to 0.5m with a swollen stem and large lobed green leaves. Deciduous in winter. Light green fruits produced after red flowers.

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