The genus Lantana includes 155 species; which may be weeds or prized ornamental plants, depending upon where you live.
Commonly called "Shrub Verbena" or "Lantana" these plants can be vigorous. They belong to the family Verbenaceae.
Appearance: Shrubs or herbs often prickly, light green leaves, somewhat spreading shape.
Flowers: Small clusters of brightly coloured flowers borne in profusion over warmer months.
Features: Sometimes a weed in subtropic and tropical climates where some types can self sow.

Requirements: Very adaptable to soil types. Adaptable. Prefers full sun.

Culture: Keep pruned to control growth. Remove spent flowers to reduce chance of seed development. In some localities (eg. Queensland) they are a serious weed and it is illegal to cultivate or sell Lantana.

Pest & Disease: Prone to scale insect attracts in hot humid climates, and other leaf eating insects. Use sprays only if required.

Species & Varieties:

L. camara -A hairy shrub to 1.2m. Flower colours range from white through yellow to deep red and pinks. Some flowers change colours others stay the one colour.

L. camara 'Calypso' -To 0.5m tall, spreading, flowers red orange and yellow.

L. camara 'Chelsea Gem' -To 2m with red and orange flowers.

L. camara 'Drap d'Or' -A dwarf cultivar with pure yellow flowers.

L. montavadensis (syn. L. sellowiana) -A spreading, low growing shrub with purple flowers.

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