Lilac -Syringia

Family Oleaceae
Around 30 species, and a large number of named cultivars; all deciduous shrubs and small trees.
Large showy panicles of flower are shades of white through pink, red, purple or lilac; and are frequently highly scented.
Lilacs are very hardy in cold climates, and will grow in milder temperate zones. They do not do well in hot or humid climates
They will grow in most soils, provided they do not become very hard, hot or dry.
They do well in full sun or light shade; like their roots mulched, and respond well to occasional watering and feeding.
Prune moderately after flowering to shape and encourage stronger flowering in the next season.

Propagated by cuttings, layering, or often grafting onto ligustrum (privet) rootstocks

Pest and disease problems are minimal



While many species are cultivated, most of the commonly cultivated varieties come from S. vulgaris. The species can grow to 4.5m if left unchecked; but many of the hundreds named varieties within this species are much smaller. They also vary greatly in the form and colour of their flowers.


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