Lonicera; Honeysuckles

The genus Lonicera (Common Name: Honeysuckle, Family: Caprifoliaceae) includes approximately 150 species.
These are mainly rambling shrubs or climbers with deep green opposite leaves on thin twining branches.
Mainly have small but showy flowers, mostly white with some scent.
Requirements: Prefers moist fertile soils. Adapted to tropics very well. Protect from severe coastal sea breezes. Will grow in sun and shade but prefers more sunlight.

Culture: water and feed regularly. Prune to control growth of shrubs and climbers.

Pest and Disease: Grasshoppers, aphid, mildew, black leaf-spotting disease. Use carbaryl for grasshoppers, pyrethrum for aphids, Mancozeb for fungal diseases.

Species & Varieties:

L. chamissoi -To 1m tall with violet flowers borne in pairs.

L. fragrantissima -Grows 0.5 to 2m tall, rambling shrub or ground cover, strongly fragrant cream flowers during cooler months.

L. microphylla -To 1m with yellow-white flowers borne in pairs.

L. nitida -To 2m with small leaves and scentless creamy flowers.

L. tatarica (Tatarian Honeysuckle) -Rambling shrub or ground cover, green leaves, pink or white flowers.



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