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Permaculture Systems: an answer to the world’s food, energy, technology and environmental problems?  Permaculture is a system of agriculture based on perennial, and self perpetuating, multi-use plants and animal species which are useful to man.  It stresses both a positive approach and an attitude of cooperation, to the environment and all living things.

The term was first devised in 1978 by Bill Mollison (an Australian ecologist) and his student David Holmgren.

Permaculture encompasses the establishment of environments which are highly productive, stable, and harmonious. It is an ethical approach to designing land use and supportive community systems and economic infrastructures in providing food, ecological habitats and other essentials needed for human survival.  It encompasses the use of appropriate technology ie. energy efficient buildings, recycling, waste water treatment, solar and wind energy and composting toilets.

Permaculture design copies patterns from nature, it focuses on the way elements are placed in the landscape and inter-relate, rather then on the individual elements. The key element of the system is the use of low energy and high diversity inputs in the design, whether a large farm or backyard garden.

Permaculture design is complex - it requires knowledge for successful implementation.  An excellent place to gain such knowledge is to enrol in a course such as the newly upgraded and revised ‘Permaculture Systems’ course offered through ACS Distance Education.

Established 27 years ago, ACS is a well respected, independent, ethical provider of online and distance education - with an international profile and course recognition.

This course is aimed at those who want lighten their footprint on the earth by starting in their own backyard or farm. Eight lessons cover the fundamentals of permaculture systems including; permaculture principles; natural Systems; zone and sector planning; permaculture techniques such as Mandala gardens and forest planting; animals in permaculture; plants in permaculture; appropriate technologies and culminates in preparing a plan. 

The course uses a down to earth, stimulating approach, and includes experiential and problem based learning. Guidance is offered throughout by experienced, dedicated tutors and administration staff.  A must for anyone, amateur or professional, interested in working in this field.
To view an outline of this exciting and interesting course go to or call them for course details: in Australia - 07 5562 1088 or international - +61 7 5562 1088.


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