Genus: Michelia
Family: Magnoliaceae
Appearance: Tall trees and shrubs resembling magnolias.
Flowers: Flowers resemble those of magnolias but are borne in the leaf axils.

Features: Attractive, often fragrant flowers. Attractively shaped habit.Oil distilled from some flowers (eg. M. champaca) for perfumery.

Requirements: Fertile, moist, deep, well drained soils preferred. Some species prefer warm temperate conditions, others prefer cooler conditions. Most prefer full sun.

Culture: Propagate by cuttings, mulch well, and keep soil moist.

Pest & Disease: Scale, grasshoppers, spray white oil, Rogor or similar.

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 50 species, including:

M. champaca -Tall tree to 15m or more, very fragrant yellow or orange flowers, well suited to tropics.

M. Figo (syn. M. fuscata) -A fast growing shrub to 5m, but usually much less. Shiny, dark green, entire leaves. Flowers cream with a purple edge, and a strong banana-like scent. Grow best where winter temperatures are cool.

M. nilagirica -A large shrub or small tree from southern India & Ceylon with white flowers to 10cm across.

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