Oleander; Nerium

Genus: Nerium
Common Name: Oleander
Family: Apocynaceae
Appearance: Evergreen erect shrubs.
Flowers: Attractive flowers in terminal, branching clusters. A wide variety of colours available.
Features: All parts of the plant are poisonous. Excellent hedge and windbreak.

Requirements: They prefer rich, moist soil, but are very adaptable. Adaptable, but prefer full sun.

Culture: Responds well to regular feeding and watering. Prune to keep in shape, but remember that all plant parts, including the sap are poisonous. Propagate by cuttings.

Pest & Disease: Scale, aphids, caterpillars and thrips, treat as required.

Species & Varieties:

Two species, but N. oleander is the only one widely cultivated.

N. oleander (syn. N. indicum, N. odorum) -A fast growing shrub to 6m, with many named varieties. It can be used as a hedge, and will tolerate exposure to hard conditions.

N. oleander 'Beryl Anderson'-pinkish apricot double flowers.

N. oleander 'Doctor Golfin' -large clusters of single red flowers.

N. oleander 'Charles Murcott' -large clusters of single pink flowers.

N. oleander 'Luteum Plenum' -Cream to yellow semi double flowers.

N. oleander 'Madonna Grandiflora'(syn. N. oleander Madoni Grandiflorum) -Large white semi double flowers.

N. oleander 'Mrs F. Roeding' (Some authorities sell as 'Petite Salmon') -Single salmon coloured flowers, can grow to 2m tall under perfect conditions, but often only 1m.

N. oleander 'Punctatum' -Pale pink single flowers.

N. oleander 'Souvenir de Cazalis Albert' -Dark red single flowers.

N. oleander 'Souvenir d'August Roger' -Large clusters of single pale pink flowers.

N. oleander 'Splendens Variegata' -Pink double flowers, yellow and green variegated leaves,usually 3-4m tall.



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