Fruit and Vegetables

Learn to grow fruits and vegetables: greens, root vegetables, tomatoes and capsicums to apples, citrus, berries and mushrooms. Home grown.

Course Code: SGH4
Fee Code: SG
Duration (approx) Duration (approx) 20 hours
Qualification Certificate of Completion
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This course is an excellent starting point for choosing what edible plants to grow at home, and how to grow them.



Lesson Structure

There are 14 lessons in this course:

  1. Food from the garden
    • What can you produce in your garden?
  2. Deciding what to grow
  3. Successful growing
    • Light
    • Temperature
    • Soil
    • Nutrition
    • Water
    • Wind
    • Cold and the garden
    • Different growing methods
    • Where to get helpful information
  4. Fruits
    • Introduction - fruit trees for all climates
    • How to develop an espalier on a wall
    • Good backyard fruit trees for a range of climates
  5. Deciduous fruit trees
    • Winter chilling requirements
    • Pests and diseases
    • Deciduous fruit encyclopaedia
    • Bare-rooted fruit trees
    • Pruning deciduous fruit trees
  6. Citrus fruits
    • Tolerance to different climates
    • How to grow healthy citrus
    • Citrus species
  7. Tropical fruits
    • What fruits when
  8. Berries
    • Berry fruit
  9. Nuts
    • Introduction to nut growing
    • Commonly grown nuts
  10. Vine crops
    • Grape varieties
  11. Using produce
    • What to do with excess fruit
  12. Vegetables
    • Why grow vegetables?
    • The site
    • Choosing what to grow
    • Feeding and watering
    • Planning the cropping program
    • Pests and diseases of vegetables
  13. Mushrooms
    • Four easy steps to growing mushrooms
  14. Special growing techniques
    • Growing produce in containers
    • Hydroponics
    • Permaculture gardening
    • More special growing techniques

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Course Contributors

The following academics were involved in the development and/or updating of this course.

Timothy Walker B.A.(Botany), RHS.M. Hort., Post.Grad.Dip.Ed.

Botanist, Horticulturist and Gardener. Author and lecturer at Somerville College, Oxford. After training at a number of gardens including Windsor Great Park, and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew commenced work at Oxford Botanic Gardens in 1986. Appointed as

John Mason (Horticulturist)

Parks Manager, Nurseryman, Landscape Designer, Garden Writer and Consultant.
Over 40 years experience; working in Victoria, Queensland and the UK.
He is one of the most widely published garden writers in the world; author of more than 70 books and edito

Adriana Fraser (Horticulturist)

Adriana has worked in horticulture since the 1980's. She has lived what she preaches - developing large gardens and growing her own fruit, vegetables and herbs and making her own preserves.
In 1992 she formalised her training by graduating with a certif

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