Course CodeBHT346
Fee CodeS3
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Conserve and Protect Plants

Many plants are threatened by global warming and the degradation of natural ecosystems. Accelerated climate change is currently the greatest threat to ecosystem.

The course covers a wide range of topics related to plant conservation, including threats to global plant variety, conservation genetics, ecosystem conservation, and strategies for reducing biodiversity loss.

  • Explore methods and approaches used in plant conservation
  • Understand the effectiveness of these approaches in saving and recovering endangered species and ecosystems
  • Learn how basic genetic principles influence plant population conservation and management.


Lesson Structure

  1. Scope and Nature of Plant Conservation
  2. Policy, legislation, and organisations
  3. Protection and preventing degradation
  4. Restoration of damaged ecosystems
  5. Restoring populations
  6. Genetic Conservation
  7. Ecosystem Conservation
  8. Community Action
  9. Adjusting to Environmental Change – The future of conservation


  • Discuss the nature and scope of plant conservation.
  • Determine problems and challenges associated with plant conservation in different specific situations.
  • Formulate protection measures for plant conservation, appropriate to the circumstances in different situations.
  • Determine restoration measures to be undertaken for achieving plant conservation.
  • Explain a variety of ex situ conservation measures for threatened plant populations.
  • Explain the application of genetics to plant conservation.
  • Explain ecosystem conservation methods used for plant conservation.
  • Explain a variety of community action initiatives that may be used for plant conservation.
  • Explain ways to respond to environmental change in order to better conserve plant species and populations.
  • Formulate plans to manage appropriate conservation initiatives for threatened plants.

Who Should Study Plant Conservation?

This is a subject that needs to be understood by many professions; not only plant conservationists.

People with potential to influence plant conservation include:

  • Land owners and land managers
  • Politicians
  • Lawyers
  • Academics professional scientists, biologists
  • Teachers
  • Citizens/volunteers.

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